Wonton Mee (雲吞麺)

|June 3, 2017|

Well, hello there! *waves really hard to dust away the dust I have collected on this site* I have been inspired to make some wonton mee from scratch. Lately, there is just too much stress going on and cooking calms me. The aftermath is delicious so I think someone should start cooking therapy as a legit- oh wait, I think it is legit somewhere in the books.

The recipe is real simple. Take any minced meat of your choice and throw in some salt, white pepper, soy sauce, Chinese shaoxing wine, chopped spring onion and a teaspoon of sesame oil and voila! The filling is made.

Today’s recipe is really simple. I also made some 紅油抄手 (Sichuan Red Oil Wontons) with the many wontons I have made. I made a chicken version for my helper and it was delicious too. Ketchup is the secret ingredient. Shhh… I bet the whole world knows it buy I like to think it adds a little sweetness to this delectable Chinese staple.

Till then, keep salivating!


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