Buah Keluak(Peranankan Dish)



|Febraury 10, 2017|

 Woah. The last post was nearly two years ago! Well, I was a struggling graduate student stuck in Vancouver then. I had a lot of ‘free’ time on my hands so I decided to start a food blog. Since then, I have gotten a job and we all have families to feed, don’t we? If by family, I mean, my tummy and my adorable partner (:

I am back in Singapore! Since last year June, I have been back for close to 8 months now. Come on, I am in Singapore and I have yet posted a single yummy food post yet!? Enough of the explanations! BAM! Today, we are introducing a Peranakan dish called Buah Keluak. My partner is 1/4 Peranakan and there is this family traditional of eating this dish during the Lunar New Year in my partner’s family. Without further ado, let’s bring this bad boy into our blog.

So…Pangium edule is a tall tree native to the mangrove swamps of Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea). It produces a large poisonous fruit (the “football fruit”) which can be made edible by fermentation. (Credits to our lovely Wikipedia friends)

I have always heard of this dish but never really tried it until last week. I heard the process of making is tedious and it involves 2 weeks of prior preparation but I would love to give it a try! I am in the midst of getting hold of that recipe. With that said, this post will be an unofficial announcement that I am going to revamp my food blog and start contributing again! I was thinking one food post every week and if I have time and my belly is in a good mood – we shall have more! It sure does feel good to be back! For now, feast on that marvellous picture I took. Yum!


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