Chłodnik (Polish Cold Buttermilk Soup)


|June 30, 2015|

I know I have not been consistent with this blog but this is how I will make it up… by introducing an awesome summer time soup: Chłodnik (Polish Cold Buttermilk Soup) 

Chłodnik is originally known as Polish Cold Beetroots Soup and it is also traditionally pink! But if you leave the beetroot out, it will just be a cold buttermilk soup that taste equally good (depending on your preference). The beetroot gives it a natural sweet taste and definitely makes it rather aesthetically pleasing.

Clarrie, how did you randomly decide to try Polish food? I mean, this entire food blog is pretty much an Asian food galore, am I right??? (You have to say yes.) I was down in Seattle this weekend and visited a friend and her partner, Polly & Arthur! Arthur is of Polish origin so when I visited, it so happened they made Chłodnik and I tried it. I was warned beforehand that it has an acquired taste and not everyone would find it tasty. Buttermilk has a sour taste to it, much like Yoghurt or Kefir (Russian context). I took my first sip and fell in love with it. The crunchy cucumber and dill made the whole experience very refreshing.

This soup is incredibly easy to make. These are all the ingredients you need:

  • Buttermilk
  • Dill (cut in cubes)
  • Cucumber (cut in cubes)
  • Hard-boiled Egg (Slice them up)
  • Potatoes (cut in cubes)
  • Cumin (Fresh cumin recommended)
  • Salt
  • Beetroot (Boil it and slice it into pieces) – In the picture you see above, that is without Beetroot)

The best part of this is you do not need to cook, boil or heat anything. You just dump all the ingredients together and voila~ MAGIC!

A big big thanks to Polly & Arthur for this great recipe. I looked it up online and found out that this recipe is not widely known and it also has lots of variation so I thought it would be good to share this all of you so we can explore more!

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