Grilled Cheese Honey Toast


|March 26, 2015|

Today’s menu is GRILLED CHEESE HONEY TOAST. Yes, I am trying to avoid the fact that I have been away for quite awhile. Aw. Spare me some grace because life have been so hectic. I am ending my second semester in about two weeks so expect more food entries! I am starting my current affairs memo blog really soon – managing life with two blogs – I am piling way too much on my plate aye? Well, I like being ambitious 🙂

So what’s the trick to grilled cheese honey toast? No trick – it’s so simple you can make it with your eyes closed. First, melt the butter on a pan then place the bread on it to grill. I used “Texas Toast” from Safeway but it’s one of those Asian like fat toast – the kind that is common in Japan and Taiwan. Let me see if I can get a picture from online: whole_wheat_texas_toast

I call them fat toast. I love my fat toast because it gives a nice chewy bite when you sink your teeth into the toast. Sometimes, I will make French Grilled Cheese Honey Toast which is pretty much French Toast with cheese. This is definitely a great college meal and easy to make if you get up 15 minutes early to make this. Tip: Heat accordingly. I have a flair for controlling heat *hair flick* so I get it all the time. Tell me what are some creative ways to make toast exciting and yummy!

I am planning to have more culinary posts that emphasize on a certain aspect of a meal – possibly the history and origin of some food – that would mean that I will probably chunk out one post a week? Sounds good?Grilled Cheese. Mmmmmhmm. Yum!

Check out for other aspects of what I am interested and follow me on Twitter @clarrienoms

Nom you next time!


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