Gyoza (餃子)


|September 18, 2014|

HEY. My apologies. I just realized my last post was 17 days ago! I have been really busy with school. Today’s menu is… Gyoza! This delicious dumplings are so easy to make.

Gyoza or 餃子(Jiaozi) or 鍋貼(Guotie) or Potstickers. Whatever it is called – this yummy dish is very common and often available in the frozen section. The frozen dumplings are yummy but if you can get fresh ingredients and make it your own? Why not?

photo 1 (17)

The stuffing in the Gyoza is very important. It includes: Minced Pork, Chives, Green Onions, Cornstarch, Minced Onions, Sugar, Chinese Wine, Soy Sauce. The cooking process is rather delicate. It is important to note the time and amount of water to make sure it evaporates in time to fry the bottom giving it a charred crisp to it. This was made about 2.5 weeks ago?

I have not been updating my food blog recently. Assignments, group work and a bunch of readings to do – I have not been cooking that much. A new food review should be up by tomorrow! (HINT: Lebanese restaurant!) Below are some pictures I took when I went up the Grouse Grind last weekend. Academic commitment + social life – I need the right balance! Grouse Grind was pretty good and I think we went up there at the right time. Sun, heat, clear – it was beautiful. And those beautiful people you see in my group selfie are my MAAPPSters* 🙂

Let me know if you have any specific food you would want to try – I will attempt it as soon as possible!


*Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Policy 

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