College Congee

College Congee

|August 24, 2014|

Prolonged vacation has gotten into my head. Sunday or Friday is not much of a difference for me. I finished my undergraduate studies in March this year. I have not touched anything academic the past 5 months. I am starting to become indifferent about the days of the week. Fret not. Another week before school starts! With that in mind, I want to share with you a college meal I often make when I need sustenance… I like to call this COLLEGE CONGEE.

You will need: Garlic (1 clove), Ginger (crushed), Egg Yolk, Rice (1 cup), Fish Broth (4- 5 cups), Sesame Oil (1tsp), Soy Sauce (1tsp), Fish Sauce (1tsp).

Bring to boil the rice, fish broth, ginger and garlic. Pour in the sesame oil, soy sauce and fish sauce. When the congee is formed, you will notice the rice looking enlarged and the broth looking a little soupy translucent. Pour in the stirred egg yolk and served in a bowl.

I added some chinese sausage with fried garlic. You can add anything you like to make it healthy or not. If I have this in the afternoon – it will usually last me till the night before I go to bed. Sometimes I skip lunch and have this before 6pm. I don’t have to consume anything after. If I have this before 2pm, I might add some fruits before 6pm and it will last me till the night.

This meal is also very helpful when I recover from flu or cold. I would add fish and more ginger to my congee if it was for recovery. This is like a healthier and Chinese version of college mac & cheese.



3 thoughts on “College Congee

  1. I never made congee when I was a student. I guess I worried that my roommates would think I was weird. Such a terrible shame to be embarrassed about food. I don’t feel that way now. I eat my congee with pride. I like to add a bit of pork mince, dried mushrooms, scallions and ginger. So good.


    • Oh. When I was living in Seattle, I also had similar reservations about cooking because I was a little worried that the smell or the looks would scare them off but I had roommates who were pretty open to new stuff so I got them to try some of my food and they really like it! YES! Eat congee with pride! I just checked out your blog and I think it is looked really cool 🙂 Already a fan!


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