Cream of Mushroom Spaghetti

Cream of Mushroom Spaghetti


|August 23, 2014|

School is starting in roughly a week and a half… and I am introducing my lazy *cough* – easy pasta meal – Cream of Mushroom Spaghetti! You only need three items:

1) Spaghetti

2) A can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom

3) Meatballs/Asparagus/or any other stuff you can find in your fridge.

TIP: Usually, when you cook the mushroom soup, they will require you to pour in a single can of water to dilute the paste. For our pasta gravy, you want to only put in half a can of water. I also added a little bit of cornstarch but it is really optional.

I am considering making YouTube videos to show the process of my cooking. I have a camera ready but I do not have a tripod stand so it is very difficult to film while I cook. Plus, I would have extra editing to do which would pile up if I have extra workload when school starts.

A relatively good news to update. I found 10 prospective jobs in school. I am going to spend the coming week to polish my resume and cover letters so I might not have as many food updates but I will try to keep this blog alive. I WILL TRY.



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